*We are known as the FUN winery...  

Comedians, Picnic Park, Butterfly Release Fundraiser,

Art Shows (on-site gallery), Shakespeare plays, Zinfest,

Mardi Gras , Wine & Chocolate Valentines Day...

Watts Up Rose' is an east coast style of Rose' 

Not quite as sweet as California style Rose' and drier.

It can be purchased in the Hamptons and at Upstream Wines at Watts Winery in Lodi, CA.
See http://benwatts.com/ and Naomi Watts. Cheers!



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Thank You for your participation and coming to our events!!
We do them for You!

Annual Events:

January:        Happy New Year's Bubbly Wine Celebration

February:       Quarterly Wine Club & Friends Party...   Food... Artisans... Wine Discounts!!!

                       Wine and Chocolate Weekend

March:         St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Party... You better wear green...

April:            April Fool's Day - will be celebrated on March 32 this year  "

                       April Tax Relief Discount Day

May:           Quarterly Wine Club & Friends Party...  Food... Artisans... Wine Discounts!!!

                        Zinfest Sunday Celebration

                       Mother's Day 

June:              Father's Day 

                        Annual "Butterfly Release" Fundraiser for Childhood Pediatric Cancer

July:              Red, White and BBQ Celebration 

August:         Quarterly Wine Club & Friends Party...  Food... Artisans... Wine Discounts!!!

September:      Fruit's Of Your Labor Day

October:        Halloween  ???  Wine Tasting & Costume Party

November:    Quarterly Wine Club & Friends Party...   Food... Artisans... Wine Discounts!!!

December:      Festival of Wine and Lights!                                                                                                                                                                    .: